Daily departures

Daily Bus Departures


Dear Valued Passengers,

Effective November 15, 2017, we will be increasing ticket fares.   Increases will be automatically reflected on your ticket purchase.  Thank you for traveling your world with us!


Fullington Trailways® provides daily scheduled departures from Central Pennsylvania to our end point destinations in Pittsburgh, PA; Buffalo, NY; Wilkes-Barre, PA; Harrisburg, PA, Scranton, PA, Philadelphia, PA, Elmira, NY and New York City, NY, . Connections with other bus carriers can be made in these cities to any place in the United States.  Call 800.942.8287 or 888-847-2430 for schedules and fares or click here.

8/30/17 Service Update:  Fullington Trailways, LLC has been approved by PennDot to take control of operation of daily scheduled service runs from Williamsport to New York, Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Elmira, NY.  These routes were previously operated by Susquehanna Trailways who will assist in the transition, the drivers and staff will retain their roles only now under the Fullington name.   The change will be effective 9-1-17.