Daily departures

Seneca Alleghany Casino

Departure Time Location Approximate Return
6:15 AM State College Terminal
152 N. Atherton St.
*please call in advance
to arrange parking.
Unregistered vehicles
will be towed.
8:10 PM
6:45 AM Philipsburg
4th & Adler Sts.
in front of FAB School
Bus Garage
7:40 PM
7:15 AM Clearfield
314 Rear Cherry St.
7:15 PM
Departure Time Location Approximate Return
6:45 AM Punxsutawney (*FS)
ATA Bldg.
222 N Findley St
Must be outside.
7:10 PM
6:55 AM Big Run (*FS)
across from Post Office
401 E Main St
7:00 PM
7:05 AM Sykesville (*FS)
across from Post Office
14 W Main St
6:50 PM
Departure Time Location Approximate Return
8:05 AM DuBois
Bus Terminal
4900 Rockton Rd
6:25 PM
8:50 AM St. Marys (*FS)
Corner of 4th & Depot.
5:40 PM
9:00 AM Johnsonburg (*FS)
545 Market St.
5:30 PM
9:10 AM Wilcox (*FS)
Peteerson Studio
123 Clarion St
5:20 PM
9:25 AM Kane (must call)
Quick Stop Market
225 Biddle St.
5:05 PM
9:35 AM Lantz Corners (*FS)
coner of Rtes. 6 & 219
4:55 PM
10:05 AM Bradford
Crosby Mini Mart
573 S Ave.
4:30 PM
11:05 AM Casino 3:30 PM
  • All casino bonuses are at the discretion of each casino. Bonuses vary and cannot be guaranteed by Fullington Trailways. Minimum age to enter casinos in the US and Canada is 21 years old. Casinos require photo identification of all guests.

    *FS:  Flag Stops: Passengers must physically flag down the driver at locations for pick-up.
    **Kane:  Must call 24 hours in advance for pick-up.