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Travel your world with us to many exciting pre-planned destinations.

You can count on Fullington Trailways to include the "must-see" and "must-do" pleasures in all of our carefully planned tours. Our friendly and experienced Tour Escorts handle the day-to-day details and see to your comfort. Our drivers are professional and courteous and will get you there safely. We use only the top local historians and guides at each destination, and we will make certain that you experience the "local flavors" while dining in each area. You'll get a good nights rest and a hearty breakfast at the accommodations we select for you. All this combined with the comfort of our modern, luxury motorcoaches that are Department of Defense Safety Certified approved gives you an enriching, fun experience that you would miss if traveling on your own. Whether you are visiting New York City, Washington DC, casinos or beaches.

There's a tour to suit every member of the family.

Travel the scenic byways through towns and villages while in the comfort of our deluxe motorcoaches.  Recline in our seat and enjoy the view through the large tinted windows.   Each motorcoach has a lavatory, and our itinerary allows for frequent stops for the comfort of all passengers.  Got bags?  Don't worry... we will deliver your bag to your room and pick it up in the morning.

Horse and Buggy Roller coaster
DC Capitol Niagara Falls
Ocean City Pittsburg Pirates