Company History

The year is 1908: The United States celebrates Mother's Day for the first time; Lyndon B. Johnson and Milton Berle are born; Henry Ford rolls out the first Model T (price: $825); Emerson Fullington purchases a nine-passenger, horse-drawn surrey to transport residents to the local train station...The Fullington Auto Bus Company has been born!

Emerson M. Fullington with his three sons, Ai, Roy and Richard, began a livery and surrey company, along with their lumber supply business. The nine-passenger surrey transported Clearfielders to the Pennsylvania Railroad Station. By 1915, his fleet consisted of two Model 15 white buses. The scheduled route ran the seven miles between Clearfield and Curwensville. The horse barn housed the buses on the site of the present day garage on Cherry Street in Clearfield, Pennsylvania.

The Fullington Auto Bus Company continued to expand its scheduled service. During World War II, the line run bus between Clearfield and Tyrone was loaded several times a day carrying the troops to war and home again. The line run operation was nationalized when Fullington joined the Trailways® system in 1981.

After 111 years of service, we are proud to say our company is still family owned and operated and now offers public and private transportation aboard deluxe motorcoaches, transit buses, limousines, vans and school buses. Under Fullington Trailways, we offer daily scheduled line route service for passengers and package express.

Old Fullington Bus Another old Fullington Bus
Fullington Bus Older Fullington Bus

In Memory

We dedicate this website to the memory of J. Richard "Dick", Sr. and Mildred "Tillie" Fink Fullington. Dick and Tillie married in 1944. In 1947, they took over the family business. Tillie was a pioneer in the business world by being a professional business woman before her time. She was instrumental in the establishment of rights for bus companies to set up tours. The many tours and charters that we provide today are a result of Dick & Tillie's tireless efforts to share their own travel experiences and destinations with their customers.

Tillie passed away in 1999, with Dick following in death in 2006. In 2003, their daughter Aerial Fullington Weisman, along with their son Mike Fullington, acquired partial ownership of the company business. Despite hard times, they successfully built The Fullington Auto Bus Company into the best we have ever been. Together, they continued to guide The Fullington Auto Bus Company into the future until Aerial's death in January, 2012.   

All who knew Dick and Tillie were inspired by them. The ability to inspire was something they handed down to each of their children, as everyone who knew Aerial had a deep love for her as well. That inspiration still continues today with their son, Mike Fullington, who is currently full Owner and Chief Operating Officer.

We continue to thrive on the success these Fullington family members have set in place for us. Thanks to their hard work and efforts, we hope to continue to be the leading transportation provider in our area for many years to come!