Our Mission

The mission of The Fullington Auto Bus Company is to transport people and their goods safely and comfortably.

The Fullington Vision

The Fullington family of companies is the leading and most recognized transportation service provider to our customers. Our highest priority is the safe passage of the families, friends, and employees who utilize our services. No other objective in our business shall take precedent over the safety of the people and communities served by our company. As a result of our efforts, we have become the most valued transportation provider to our customers.

For our customers, we provide high quality in everything we do. They must be serviced professionally and promptly with courtesy with an emphasis on their comfort and needs.

For our employees, we provide a safe and peaceful working environment that values the respect, dignity, and recognition of individuals and the team. We are just and ethical in decisions involving employment, compensation, promotion, and working conditions. Each employee’s family responsibilities and commitments are considered in balance with business and customer needs.

For the communities we serve, we are ethical in the treatment of the property we are privileged to use, including protecting the environment, wisely using natural resources, and respecting the value of community assets. Our relationships with business associates are honest, and we have reliable working relationships to enhance our mutual productivity and effectiveness.

For our shareholders, we provide fair and consistent profits while reinvesting appropriate surplus to maintain a qualified workforce and modern equipment and facilities. Our management is competent and is focused on delivering high quality service to all of our customers. We evaluate business risks and ensure that all major decisions adequately consider the effect on all stakeholders.

We humbly serve, knowing that our greatest rewards will come from enthusiastic and loyal customers.