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SMOKING PROHIBITED on all Fullington Trailways vehicles.

ISSUING CARRIER WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR TRANSPORTATION ON ITS OWN LINES, in accordance with tariff regulations and limitations, AND ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY ACT OR OMISSION OF OTHERS OCCURRING WITHIN OR OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES, except as imposed by law with respect to baggage.  Seating aboard vehicles is without regard to race, color, creed or national origin.

SCHEDULE RESPONSIBILITIES:  While Fullington Trailways and all connecting carriers endeavor to maintain schedules shown, these schedules are not guaranteed.  Issuing carrier(s) will not be responsible for errors in timetables or damage incurred from late schedules or failure to make connections.  Times shown are approximate and are intended for informational purposes only.  Schedule times may vary due to traffic conditions, inclement weather, and the ability to maintain the safety of our passengers.

REFUNDS:   For any ticket purchased on this website, please click here to submit a refund or ticket exchange request.   

OBJECTIONABLE PERSONS:  Carriers reserve the right to refuse to transport a person who is considered objectionable.  An objectionable person(s) is one who is under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs, or who is incapable of taking care of him/herself, or whose conduct is such or likely to be such as to make him or her objectionable, or exhibit hazardous or offensive condition or behavior to other passengers or prospective passengers, or who refuses to comply with any lawful rule or regulation of the carrier.  Prior to removal from the bus, the driver will call the local police at 911 and arrange for the police to meet the driver and take over responsibility for the passenger(s).  Such person(s) will be removed from the bus by the police at any usual stopping place, or at such other place as the driver may select that is a point of safety regarding protection from the elements, and has food, water, and phone communications available.  In the event of such removal, the liability of the carrier shall not exceed the amount of the excess fare paid by the passenger.  Exception:  This rule does not apply to persons who are ill and accompanied by an attendant or nurse.

NOTICE – BAGGAGE LIABILITY LIMITED:  Liability for loss or damage to checked baggage is limited to actual value NOT TO EXCEED $250.00 PER ADULT FARE OR $125.00 PER CHILD FARE unless greater value is declared and paid for each time the baggage is checked.  The maximum declared value cannot under any circumstances exceed $1000 per passenger. Excess value purchased does not cover valuable articles and certain articles are not accepted as baggage (ask agent for information).  The same limits apply for single piece of baggage regardless of the number of tickets.  Excess value coverage may be purchased at the ticket counter.   Carrier will not accept any liability for unchecked baggage.

PLACE YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS IN AND ON YOUR BAGGAGE:  Government regulations and carriers’ tariffs require that all baggage must be properly identified.  Baggage tags should clearly show the name and address to which lost baggage should be forwarded.  Free baggage tags are available at all ticket windows and baggage counters.